Selected Private Collectors
Lois and Richard Abraham, Joel and Joan Abramowitz, Susan Ammann, Arthur M. Anton, Ray Ashley, Victor and Joyce Arbogast, Rosalie Askew, Daniel H. Asturias, Paul and Merrily Beyreuther, Nordin and Donna Blacker, Peter Bryant, Karla Albright & Chris Burkhart, Cathy & Art Burns, Jean Burrows, Louis and Jolene Cole, Mary Contini, Tom and Nancy Cook, Virginia Couse and Ernest Leavitt, Bob & Jacquie Cowden, Frank Cunningham, Martha Daly, Richard Davidson, Julie Van Dewark, Pat Dryan, Wendy & Ken Eng, Helena Ferradini, Linda Hill Ferrari, Louise Forbush, Zelma Goldstein, Stafford Grady, Jamie and Joe Green, Carlos & Sandy Hall, Margaret Hardy, Patty & John Henry, Madeleine Hermann, Phoebe & Sam Huang, Judee Humberg, Judy Ilgen, Stuart Kaplan and Barbara Meislin, Carol Hanagan Kavalaris, Kayla Kennington, Andrew Ko, Ronni and Bernard Lacroute, Jeffrey Lee, Sou Ching Loo, Tal and Marilyn Luther, Gwen Mallory, Elizabeth & Kenneth Meyerhoff, Ralph Moon, Cheryl and Cameron Moredock-Ting, Thao Anh Nguyen, Marge Reading, Jean Richards, Fawn Powers and Roger Poyner, Lourna Robinson, Robert and Cindy Rockwood, Dianne and John Ryan, Margaret Sabovich, Susan Sano, La Verle Sheffield, Nori Shiba, Vicki Shiba, Greg Siehl, Susan Sukuma, Monette Thorrez, Shefali and Clarence Ting, Alyssa Ure, Bill Ziegler, Joseph and Eva Zirker


Selected Public and Corporate Collectors
Advance Micro Device, CA
A.G. & Associates, CA
American Telegraph and Telephone, CA
Apollo Corporation, AZ
California Bankers Association, CA
Cheatham and Skovronski Law Offices, CA
Caroon and Black Insurance Inc., CA
Annie Wong Art Foundation, Hong Kong
Good Samaritan Hospital, CA
Harwood Museum, NM
Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, CA
Megatest Inc., CA
Nordin Blacker Law Offices, CA
Norman Lariviere Law Offices, CA
Pacific Bell Inc., CA
Pacific Eye Specialists, CA
Pillsbury, Madison & Sotro Inc., CA
Read-Rite Corporation, CA
Robert J. Pope & Associates, CA
Roger Poyner Law Offices, CA
SBC Communications, CA
Sperling Fine Arts, CA
Spieker Partners, CA
Stanford University Hospital, CA
Stevens Music and Violin Shop, CA
University of Phoenix, AZ
Xerox Corporation, CA


“More subtle influences… flattened compositions in paintings about a modern Chinese woman locked between past and future in a tight grid of reality.”

Charlotte Moser, Artweek